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Compass Rose Aviation (CRA) is your jump plane conversion specialist for the popular brand of Cessna aircraft.  Rose’s Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) covers the installation of in-flight doors and jump steps for most 100 and 200 series Cessna airplanes.  Modifications include roll-up doors, flip-up doors, up latches, steps, handles, backrests, seatbelts, yoke removals, carpet kits, weight reductions, gross weight increases, wing extensions, engine analyzers, and high performance engine/prop conversions.  Finally a way for frustrated dropzone owners to get the quality jump planes they require without the hassles of trying to get a field approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or paying thousands of dollars for a Designated Engineer Representative (DER).  Pulling from the experience of the Air Capital of the world, Rose has everything covered!  CRA is down the road from the Cessna factory and conveinantly located in the center of the United States for her customers.  CRA jump plane conversions come with extensive approval data from three quality aircraft structural engineers who are also DERs for the FAA.  Even Rose’s mechanic is one of the best!  He is thoroughly experienced in multiple facets of the industry and his sheet metal skills like no other.  Every CRA product and service is top notch which you will see in the final product.  Let Rose help your business get the jump plane it so deserves.  Don’t have a plane to convert…don’t worry!  Rose is also recognized by the FAA as an Aircraft Dealer and will do everything possible to find you the perfect plane.  Kansas is an aviation friendly state and there is no sales tax on aviation maintenance and modifications.  For specific information, feel free to contact us.

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